Our history is that of a family business founded in the sixties to enhance the traditional values of our island.

From a single store to several brands, it currently consists of six stores with different concepts and a team of more than a dozen people who still retain the same values from the first day.

Ours shops

sanlupe tiendaartesania

Sanlupe, tradition and trend, accompanying Santa Cruz de La Palma since January 2, 1961, combines the love for La Palma, celebrating the diverse palm gastronomy, from its famous rapaduras to its mojos picones, to a great wine paired with the best traditional cigars.

You can also find ample timeless collections of leather goods and a good dose of trendy textiles.

Decora is to feel at home but outside it, it is a corner that invites you to build your dreams, in a unique location.

Small furniture, utensils, kitchen and bathroom textiles, scents and details for your home.

Originality in our Christmas collection that Christmas after Christmas full of magic, color, light and glitter palm homes.

New location but same heart, in an emblematic location of Santa Cruz de La Palma. We bet on the best national brands of handicrafts and leather goods with their own style, without neglecting the latest trends.

We believe that building a wardrobe is very important so you can always find in our store clothes that will help you.

We bet on the confidence to wear a good basic.

Our store is joy, with its wide variety of colors and timeless designs in a wide range of materials, not forgetting the environmentally friendly ones.

Innovation in workwear year after year looking for the greatest comfort.

Let your imagination fly and create the most artistic designs for our garments, that we take care of shaping them.

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